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Our Mission

Staying Connected is committed to assist Sun City Hilton Head residents to remain engaged in our active adult community by providing a helping hand and access to information, support and services which allow them to address life’s challenges.

Staying Connected is a not for profit volunteer organization

that provides information and services to residents of

Sun City Hilton Head in Bluffton, SC.  

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For ALL Sun City residents

  • Assistance, information and resources regarding service providers, agencies, and other sources of support to address life’s challenges.


For Staying Connected Members

  • Transportation to and from medical appointments and for grocery shopping.

  • Home visits for those who would benefit from companionship from time to time.

  • Caregiver Relief visits so a family member who is a caregiver can get some time away for themselves.

  • Basic home maintenance assistance  (a limited list of tasks).

  • Reassuring phone calls to check on the well-being of concerned members.


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Watch and listen to the heartfelt testimonials from some of our members and volunteers.  Our continued success depends on our volunteers.

Support Services

Operational Statistics

Transportation for medically related needs and grocery shopping.

            1/2024 - 145 Trips                                    2024 - 145 Trips

Home Visits for companionship and caregiver relief.

            1/2024 - 31 Visits                                     2024 - 31 Visits

Basic Home Maintenance

            1/2024 - 56 Visits                                     2024 - 56 Visits

Reassuring Calls

             1/2024 - 596 Calls                                   2024 - 596 Calls

Miles Driven by Volunteers (YTD)                   2023 - 49.933 miles

Volunteer Hours Posted (YTD)                         2023 - 12,610 hours

Fast Facts through December, 2023 


Members: 466 Households, 595 Residents – 30% turnover annually 


Volunteers: 372 total – 238 have posted time this year


Direct Services - YTD 


Transportation – 1,939 vs 1,415 LY (+37%); / 30-45 week 

Home Visits – 392 vs 473 LY (-17.1%); 10-12 / week  

Home Maintenance– 501 vs 398 LY (+25.9.%); 10-12 / week 


Daily Reassuring Calls YTD: 6,307 

Resource Hub Visits YTD: Walk-in Visitors – 1,107; Calls Taken – 4,274 

Through 8 years 

More than 445,000 miles driven – to the moon and nearly 90% home!  Over 124,000 hours  

Transports – over 17,000


Home Visits / CGR – over 4,800 


Home Maintenance – over 2,500 


Resource Hub - nearly 43,000 Daily Reassuring Calls, over 11,000 visitors, 32,500 inbound  calls  


2024 Black ‘n White Fundraiser


Celebrate Staying Connected's

10th Anniversary. 

- Saturday, April 27, 2024, 6:00-9:00 pm
- Pinckney Hall Carolina Ballroom

- Black and White, Formal or Smart Casual

- $75 per person

Gala Invite

The Sheriff’s Department warns residents to “Beware”!

Staying Connected hosted an important presentation by Lt. Eric Calendine of the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Department entitled “Scams – What You Need to Know” in the Lakehouse Ballroom on December 7th.  Lt. Calendine shared the latest Scams by phone, social media, text and email that are successfully targeting the residents of Sun City.  Scammers prey on the inherent trust, compassion, fear and naivety of seniors.   They are ruthless! The Lieutenant cited specific examples of scams that have bilked Sun City residents out of life savings and he encouraged everyone in the audience to be diligent, untrusting and skeptical of any scenario that seems suspicious.  He reminded everyone that a call to the Sheriff’s Department can prevent a financial crime that you may not be able to recover from.  His presentation slides are available to review, print or download under The Resource Hub tab on our website.  Just click on Presentations / Training Videos and select the Scam presentation.

Transportation Volunteers Needed

STAYING CONNECTED is looking for transportation volunteers. We are all about neighbors helping neighbors
and we seek your help getting our neighbors to medical appointments, physical therapy, and grocery shopping.

This is your opportunity to meet fascinating people and become a part of an amazing group of volunteers right
here in Sun City. You choose assignments that fit your schedule and there are no time commitments.


For more information contact our Hub, 843-705-2259 or fill out an applictiion.


Volunteer Application

Information & Assistance


Contact (843) 705-2259 or visit our 

RESOURCE HUB located in the Yemassee Crafts Center to receive assistance from a trained volunteer.

Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM.




Are you looking for general answers now?


Click Here to find online resources


COVID-19 Response  

Everyone is encouraged to follow CDC guidelines and do what is appropriate for him/her and his/her personal health.

COVID-19 Precautions

Staying Connected, Inc. is an independent, not for profit, charitable 501(c)(3) corporation and has no affiliation with the SCHH Community Association, or the Pulte Group.

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