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2018 Donors

Sponsoring Partners

$10,000 - Above

Platinum Sponsors

$5,000 - $9,999

Sun City Buckeye Club

Ladies Nine-Hole Golf Club

Gold Sponsors

$1,000 - $4,999

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Car Club LOGO.jpg

Car Show Sponsors

Coastal States Bank, Diamond Transportation, Hilton Head Lexus,

Mike Reichenbach Chevrolet, Stokes Toyota Hilton Head, Town Square Realty

LowCountry Pickleball Classic/Pickleball Club


Charles & Rosemary Carpenter

Ryder Cup Invitational

St. Luke's United Methodist Church

David McDermott

Sew What Stitches & Crafts Club

Norma Curren

William & Sharon Thomas

Lexus Logo.jpg

Silver Sponsors

$500 - $999

GFWC Women's League of the Lowcountry

Wes & Marzie Seibert

Sharon Snoddy

Carol Siegel

Luncheon Club VI

Richard & Christine Ballantine

Rose Bush Lane Residents

Murray Hill Neighborhood

Luncheon Club V

In Memory of Robert Sippel

Barbara Hinck

In Memory of Robert Sippel

Janet VanName

Bronze Sponsors

$100 - $499

Alexandria Village

Andrew & Joan Mulrain

Robert & Kathy Wiederhorn

Goulas Eye, LLC

Bull Hill Plantation and Tedd & Susan Gaieski

Luncheon Club I

Coalition for Aging in Place

Comforcare Home Care

Jamison’s Charhouse

The Ryer Family Charitable Trust

Canterfield of Bluffton

Eberhart Family Charitable Fund

Linda Gerber

Werner & Barbara Rotach

Helen Gilbert

Hugh & Lana Armstrong

Phylis Giglinto

Robert Hooper

General Health Education Club

Wells Family Fund

Louis & Pamela Divan

Décor & More

Joan Reusswig

Arthur & Jeannette Milner

Stephen & Sandra Grossberg

Hidden Cypress Investment Club

John & Mary Noel

Chapter I Book Club

Andrew & Joan Mulrain

Anna Maria Tabernik

Sun City Stamp Collectors Club

Kevin & Jean Dunn

HALE & HALE P.A., Attorneys and Counselors at Law

Tom & Mary Helen Grady

Holly Field

Bull Hill Plantation

Chester & Ginger Richards

Roland & Andrea Lemke

EviCore Healthcare

Holly Hill Neighborhood

Temple Oseh Shalom Men's Club

Jerry Toto

Historic Village

Paul & Cheryl Stolze

Solheim Cup Tournament Players

The Mills Family Fund

Jim & Ann Lau

Carolyn Thomas

Victoria Richert

In Memory of Mikki Jones

   Andover Place

In Memory of Theresa Wheatley

Andover Place

In Memory of James Collins and Martha Kelsey

Andover Place

In Memory of Pat Vinning

Widows and Widowers

   Nancy Rosenthal

In Memory of Robert J Sippel

Robyn Sippel

In Memory of Robert J Sippel

George & Carole Sippel

In loving Memory of my friend Robert J Sippel

Christina Roberti

In Memory of Joan Molnar

Carole Clinger

Howard Davis

In Loving Memory of Alex & Joan Molnar "Mom & Pop"

Donna & Jeff Williams

In Honor of Joann McElravy and Frederick Wolf

Paul & Diane Foster


Harry & Audrey Wells

Pelican Pointe

Don & Maryann Welch

Billie Hoskins

Temple Oseh Shalom - Men's Club

Dale Terwilliger

Jackie Davis

Robert Florio

Phyllis Griggs

Cathy Sneed

Burton & Letty Harding

Linda Kuhn

Jerri Volpe

Dola Ballard

Trudy Smith

Vincent & Sylvia Stano

Natalie Giles

Burton & Letty Harding

Laurie Barnett

Daniel Dooney

Qi Club of Sun City

Bernice Rock

Margaret Gessler

Gloria Plante

Don Wessel

In Honor of Pearl Urig's 90th Birthday

Phyllis Sippel

In Memory of Westley Octigan

Carol Brown

In Memory of Ron Welch

   Carol Brown

In Memory of Jack Cudd

Andover Place Cottages

In Memory of John Lankard

Carol Brown

In Honor of Artie Garcia

Daniel & Elaine Roth

In Memory of Robert J Sippel

Sun City Veterans Association

In Memory of Robert Sippel

Ronald & Ursula Mitrook

In Memory of Robert Sippel

Bert & Anna Ruys

In Memory of Robert Sippel

Connie Holbrook

In Memory of Robert Sippel

Alice Walsh

In Memory of Robert Sippel

Agoris Family

In Memory of Robert J Sippel

John & Sandy Ryan

In Memory of Robert J Sippel

John & Joann Kenny

In Memory of Robert J Sippel

Pearl Urig

In Memory of Robert J Sippel

   John & Nancy Smith

In Memory of Robert J Sippel

Mary-Jo Horton

In Memory of Robert J Sippel

David and Janice Wagoner

In Memory of Howard Richelsoph

   John & Nancy Smith



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