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How to Become a Member of Staying Connected

Staying Connected warmly welcomes Sun City residents as potential Members.  Members have a range of services available to help them stay involved with our active community. We offer support to our Members who need limited assistance. We do not provide home care or nursing service.

Membership is available to residents of Sun City Hilton Head who qualify to receive one or more of our services. There are just a few steps to become a Member:

Step One:

Fill out a membership application. Applications are available in the Resource Hub and on line. The Resource Hub (our office) is located in the Yemassee Craft Center. Simply fill out an application and leave it with a Volunteer. Help is available if you have any questions. If you have difficulty getting to the Resource Hub, call at (843) 705-2259 and they can take your information by phone.

Applications are also available on our website You may download, complete the application and return to the Resource Hub; by email to; or mail to Staying Connected, P O Box 1281, Bluffton, SC 29910     


Step Two:

After your application has been received, you will be contacted by an Intake Volunteer. They will arrange to visit you in your home to discuss our services. This visit is necessary to determine which services are the best fit for you, to explain the limitations of some of our services, and to answer any questions you may have. All members of the household must be present whether or not they will be using services. Staying Connected needs to meet everyone living in the household, so schedule a visit when everyone will be present.

As a Member, you will be required to provide contact information of a local emergency contact who has access by key or code to your home. We also want contact information for a family member who may be contacted in an emergency. This information will be used if you, as a Member, do not answer a phone call or respond when a Volunteer comes to your home at an appointed time. If the emergency contact is not available at that time, further procedures may be implemented to ensure the safety of the Member.

Once you agree to our policy requirements, you will be asked to sign a waiver regarding the services Staying Connected provides and responsibilities of membership. Staying Connected has a membership fee of $50.00, renewable every six months. The fee can be paid at the time of intake or by the first of the following month.

Not everyone will become a Member. If a resident needs more assistance than Staying Connected Volunteers can provide, membership will not proceed. However, the Resource Hub (available free to all residents of Sun City Hilton Head) is always available to assist in locating other resources either within or outside the community that can meet more extensive needs. A resident may also decide that Staying Connected services are not a good fit for them and decline membership.


Step Three:

Once there is a membership agreement, the Intake team will leave a Member Handbook and other useful information with you. After becoming a Member, it is your responsibility to call the Resource Hub to request a service as needed. Someone from our Member Mentoring team will call to check in with you.

Staying Connected will do it’s very best to provide the service you request, but there is no guarantee we will be able to fulfill every request. Giving us as much lead-time as possible will increase our ability to arrange for a Volunteer. If we cannot, the Resource Hub will assist in locating other possible alternatives.

We look forward to providing services that will help you, our Member, “stay connected” to the lifestyle.

Membership Handbook
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