Executive Director

     Sandy Milliken, MSW



Board of Directors  (Click on any underlined name for more information)


       President:                                                     Holly Field


      Vice President:                                            Hugh Armstrong


      Secretary:                                                     Phylis Giglinto


      Treasurer:                                                     Werner Rotach

      Member-at-Large:                                       Bill Teeter



Steering Committee


        Members Coordinator:                             Open

      Membership Administrator                 

      Coordinator:                                                Barbara Connery

      Intake Coordinator:                                   Cathy Brookman

      Director of Services:                                  Mary O'Brien


      Transportation Coordinator:                  Jill Kooken


      Home Visits Coordinator:                        Lori Anthony


      Service Scheduling Coordinator:           Peggy Pope


      Volunteer Coordinator:                            Ginny Couch

      Basic Maintenance Coordinator:           Bernie Mulligan

      Marketing Coordinator:                           Lucia Crosby

      Resource Hub Coordinator:                     Barbara Swan


      IT Coordinator:                                            Hugh Armstrong

Other Functional Managers


      Speaker's Bureau:                                       Lenora Small


      Webmaster:                                                  Randy Hoff


Staying Connected SCHH, Inc

PO Box 1281

​Bluffton, SC 29910    



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