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Volunteer Information

Thank you for being a volunteer.  If you wish to sign up for an assignment or enter your hours worked, please click on the Vic Net Button below.

Please have your email address and password ready.  Should you forget your password, click on forgot password and a new password will be sent to your email.  To enter, click the button below.

Volunteer Feedback

We are interested in hearing your feedback! Please click on the button below to communicate anything you think we need to know, or a question you would like to ask. Examples of what we want to hear are:

  • Discrepancies between the Member information on the system and what you experienced when providing a service.

  • A change in member mobility (now uses a walker rather than a cane, uses a wheelchair that was not noted).

  • A significant variance in cognitive abilities from information on VicNet.

  • Observations about the member you think is important for us to know.

  • Any incident / situation that arose during the delivery of a service you think we should know.

  • Questions and comments you would like to pass along.

  • Changes to your personal information, contact information, etc.

Insurance Coverage

Staying Connected and its volunteers are covered for bodily injury, property damage, social work and counseling liability claims under a general liability policy. This policy also includes non-owned auto liability coverage under which it provides protection for the organization and its volunteers once the volunteer’s auto liability coverage is exhausted. Additionally, under a separate policy volunteers are covered for accident medical expense benefits.

Newsletters keep our Volunteers better informed.

(Click on the buttons below)

Volunteer Helpdesk

The Volunteer Helpdesk is available to help you with: 

  • access to VicNet

  • posting your time for dates not available

  • correcting your time because of an error in posting 

  • assistance in posting time

  • password assistance


Please click on the Helpdesk button above and fill out the form.  It will be forwarded to our Help Desk Email which is monitored daily.

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