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Festivity, Color, Music and Stats Mark Great Big Thank You Party















“Cake Cutting Picture courtesy of The Sun Today.”


Colorful clowns, delightful music, balloons and decorations set the scene for Staying Connected to thank its volunteers at a special Birthday Party in Pinckney Hall, Feb. 6.  Many of the more than 200 volunteers who have eased the paths of Sun City residents, attended.

 The colorful event was planned to show Staying Connected volunteer drivers, Hub workers, home visitors and more, how much they are appreciated. They were reminded how helpful their services to Sun City residents, our ‘members,’ had been in the past year when all planned services were rolled out.

Staying Connected President Holly Field, who has worked for years to get Staying Connected up and running, said “We couldn’t have done any of what was accomplished in the past year without the commitment of so many Sun City volunteers.” Statistics of miles driven, home visits made, resources requested and more were shared by Holly and other board members during the event.

The volunteers present got to meet one another, line-dance, mingle and learn just how much they have contributed to this all-volunteer non-profit organization.  Throughout the Saturday morning gala event, the SunSationals Band, which donated their time for this event, entertained the party guests with upbeat music.

The ‘Thank You’ event, which included a light lunch, was planned by Barbara Rotach and her committee.


2016 Birthday Party
2016 Birthday Dancing
2016 Birthday Clowns
2016 Birthday Cake
2016 Birthday Banbd

Volunteer Training Seminar

Do you have friends, family or know members who suffer

from memory loss, dementia or Alzheimer's?

Communication Tips & Tools
Tuesday, February 16, 2016
Hidden Cypress Okatie Room, 3:30 PM –4:30 PM

Presenter: Karen Doughtie, Asst. Dir., Memory Matters

Resources and practical strategies to enrich your

knowledge and communication skills.

Time for Q & A
Handouts will be provided.

Bring a guest who might benefit from skills in this area.
Wear your Staying Connected badge.

Data Shows Staying Connected Success
Volunteers credited for year of services

A full house of Staying Connected volunteers heard impressive numbers about the all-volunteer service organization at the group’s Annual Meeting Jan. 20.  The audience, as well as the organization, got some unexpected praise from Sun City’s new Executive Director Sherman Britton who told volunteers they have heart and he is impressed.

Staying Connected Vice President Hugh Armstrong delivered the assessment of the organization with a Power Point presentation rich in numbers: 315 members being served; over 200 volunteers serving members, over 100 of them drivers. In the organization’s first year of full services, there were 867 transports and 16,000 miles driven. The Resource Hub in Pinckney Hall, which serves as the Staying Connected Office, had 1518 shifts since it opened in the fall of 2014. All were staffed by its 77 volunteers.

Tributes from children of residents and from those being served were read and in many instances portrayed the kindness of the volunteers and the appreciation of those they serve. In addition, Board Treasurer Werner Rotach announced that both corporate and individual donations are being made, some in appreciation and or recognition of services received.

What comes next for this Service Organization?  Strategic planning is getting under way. “We’re looking at what works, what doesn’t and what we may need to address in the years to come,” said the presenter. Included in the look ahead are marketing, communication and volunteer leadership considerations.


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