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Membership Fee?

Why is there a Membership fee? As a not for profit service organization, Staying Connected is responsible for providing insurance coverage for all its volunteers, maintaining a scheduling system to record all member service requests and volunteer assignments, and providing information on its website. These and other items, like printing costs, are all our responsibility and NOT those of the Sun City Community Association. We must meet those costs to operate this program.


Staying Connected actively reaches out to obtain donations from corporations, local businesses and interested individuals to provide funds for our operating costs.

We researched many similar programs to Staying Connected, including in other Sun Cities throughout the country. We have determined, as they did, that an annual fee for participating in our program and receiving services is a reasonable request.  Staying Connected has a membership fee of $50.00 for six months.


If you have previously made a donation to Staying Connected, 50% of your donation may be credited to your first year membership.  The membership fee is subject to change based upon an annual evaluation by the Board of Directors.  We endeavor to keep membership within the reach of everyone.

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